Stellar Kayaks and Surf Skis are class leading competition grade and recreational Kayaks and Surf Skis. have look at our award winning range.

Surf Skis

home-paddles SE, SEL, SES, S2E, SR & SEI Designed for speed, stability and comfort with advanced composite construction, Stellar Surf Skis are quickly making waves in the Surf Ski market.

Touring Kayaks

home-paddles S18, S16 & S14 Stellar Touring Kayaks are designed with the unique combination of stability, speed, maneuverability and light weight, yet with ample storage for any size adventure.


home-paddles ST17, ST16, S12 & S10 Straight tracking hulls with great stability, maneuverability and light weight, with oversized cockpits make our Recreational Kayaks great lake boats or for novice paddlers.


home-paddles Wing & Touring Paddles Light weight, stiff and with an oval shaft, our paddles offers clean and responsive performance. Our Cam-collar holds your paddle at the desired length and angle.