Surf Ski Construction


Ultra Construction – Uses the most advanced Uni-Directional Pre-preg Carbon & Nomex Honeycomb core, creating a ultra stiff and lightweight racing machine. Clear paintfinish.


Excel Construction – Uses very durable and tough Kevlar and Honeycomb laminate, creating a stiff and light boat similar in performance to the Ultra, yet more affordable. Tough gelcoat finish.


Advantage Construction – A great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and price. Infused Fiberglass and Soric core-mat create a boat that is the workhorse of our fleet. Tough gelcoat finish.


Sport Construction – This solid fiberglass boat is the most durable laminate of our offering. It is very affordable and it is a great starter boat or for those looking for the performance of a composite boat, but are on a budget. Tough gelcoat finish.